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The first child of Helena Baydon and Daratus Trellmount, Conlan Baydon was born in the summer, days before his father became Lord Daratus and joined the ranks of Mydren’s elite rulers. When Conlan was 2 years old his mother fell pregnant again. Daratus seemed delighted with this, explaining that when he tested Conlan he’d had little magical talent, but perhaps this new child would have more. Horrified, disgusted and frightened by Daratus’s intentions, the heavily pregnant Helena fled her husband and returned to live with her father, Gregor in Baydon. Gregor, having lost his wife in childbirth, welcomed Helena and Conlan with open arms. In those early years, Helena lent heavily on Conlan for emotional support, trusting him with the secret that she was a powerful practitioner of magic.

Conlan enjoyed living with his grandfather, a man more willing to play and spend time with him than his father. When his mother gave birth to another boy, Jarrick, Conlan was pleased to have a baby brother in his life. With the help of his valet, Merl, Conlan’s grandfather began Conlan’s education, teaching him to read and write, maths, music, history, equine studies and the fighting arts of a gentleman. A bright, curious child, Conlan was a quick student, with a thirst for knowledge, often reading late into the night in his grandfather’s library.

When Conlan was 5 years old his grandfather brought him into the family secret, explaining that he was a direct, traceable descendent of the once great king Alaric; instilling in the young boy the history and responsibility that went with this knowledge. Taking Conlan on one of his business trips, Gregor showed his grandson the effects of a recent forest fire which had burnt through several villages, showing him those who had survived, pointing out the graves of those who hadn’t, he explained that this sort of disaster could be avoided if The Five were brought back to calm the elements.

Two years later, Daratus gave up ‘civilised’ methods to try and get his children back and started insidious and unpleasant methods of harassing Conlan’s mother, a state of affairs she did her best to hide from her children and father.

In Conlan’s 8th year, his mother was taken from him, dying soon after in the dungeons of the Central Tower; an event for which Conlan blamed himself. After a short period of mourning, Daratus came to claim Conlan and Jarrick, his legal right as the sole parent, resorting to forcibly extracting them from their grandfather’s house when Gregor put up a fight and taking them to live with him in the North Tower.

Daratus, looking to consolidate his position with a Lord he could control, tried to break Conlan’s spirit, while also training him to take the position of Lord at the ‘Selection’ when Conlan was 25. At 16 years old, Conlan’s strength, skill, reflexes and quick mind made him a formidable opponent in the training ground, with few willing to take him on one-to-one; he was also now an adult under Mydren law and was accorded certain rights.

As soon as he was able Conlan left the North Tower, intent on finding out for himself if his grandfather’s stories about The Five are true. Daratus sent Protectors after him. They dragged him back, presenting him to his father for punishment. Frustrated, Conlan tried to leave again and again was dragged back to further brutal punishment. Realising he could not just leave, Conlan began speaking out against his father to whomever would listen, the other Lords in the Tower, visiting Lords and his father’s friends. Daratus finally understood that Conlan would never be his to control, so he disowned his son, cutting him loose in the world with nothing. Conlan, having been told this decision was imminent and fearing for his life, fled the Tower one last time, taking Rand, his brother’s new horse with him, he was 17 years old.

Wandering through Mydren, he heard that the Elves of the Whispering Sands practiced magic and knowing from the Book of the Five that they once knew how to create Avatars, Conlan went in search of them.

Recent History

Ten years later Conlan has, with help, created four of the five Avatars required and needs only to find a resilient Avatar of Earth. He has tried to create this Avatar three times and each time the Avatar has killed herself. Conlan is close to giving up. While he believes in what he’s doing, he also knows that the pain and guilt he feels over the deaths of the three Avatars of Earth is crushing him, he can’t keep adding to that or keep putting the other Avatars through the agony and horror of losing one of their number. Perhaps some things are just not meant to be.

As he rides towards Millar’s Forest, the grief and guilt drag him into despair. He vows this will be the last time, if it doesn’t work he will find a safe place for himself and the other three Avatars to live out their lives. He will get married; have children of his own, passing the responsibility to them. In contrast to the misery his self-imposed mission has placed on him, this seems like a very good idea.

Personality Traits

▪   Intelligent

▪   Reserved

▪   Dutiful

▪   Brooding

▪   Determined

▪   Courageous

▪   Resourceful

▪   Caring

▪   Curious

▪   Emotionally Strong


Physical Traits

▪ His body is heavily covered in scars. Including a prominent one on the left side of his face.

▪ 6’2″ tall.

▪ Short light-brown hair.

▪ Strong, toned physique.

▪ Sharp reflexes.

▪ Bight green eyes.


▪ The Crown


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