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The exact date of Amelia Ellwood’s birth is unknown, her birthday had always been celebrated (and was stated on her birth certificate) as the 12th September 1982 as this was the day she was abandoned, as a new born, on the steps of a police station in Leeds. She entered a Catholic childcare facility, where she lived until she was adopted aged 5.

Fearful, distant and slow to trust, her new parents finally won her over, offering her a loving, supportive home. When she was 9 years old her adoptive parents had a second child of their own, a girl called Juliette. Consumed with jealously, her fragile sense of security threatened, Amelia began acting out, getting into trouble, missing school and being disruptive. Her grades plummeted and after the police cautioned her over some minor vandalism, her parents, desperate to help her, packed her off to boarding school.

Angry, miserable and heart broken, Amelia did poorly in school, her hatred of her adoptive family and her new ‘sister’ especially, grew. Her dark brooding pushed potential friends at her new school away from her, leaving her alone. When she came home for Christmas her parents were horrified. She was stick thin, with deep purple bags under her eyes and silent, presenting an air of sneering disdain. They tried to understand, trying to talk to their daughter, but Amelia was uncooperative, they asked her if she would rather not return to boarding school. Feeling betrayed, angry with them for sending her away in the first place – reasoning that if they didn’t want her, she didn’t want to stay – Amelia return to boarding school.

It was about this time that she began to have dreams about flying, about leaving the messy, painful, frightening, lonely world in which she lived and soring among the clouds. The dream left her feeling happy and calmer than she had felt in a long time and flying became an obsession, she began learning as much as she could about it. At 11 Amelia begged to be allowed to join the schools Air Cadets. Her impressive knowledge and persistence finally got her in, on the understanding that her grades needed to improve for her to remain. Flying gave Amelia a release and a feeling of peace. Her grades shot up and she began to make friends.

When she was 13, her adoptive mother died in a car accident. Distraught and struggling, her father begged Amelia to return home to help him look after Juliette. Grieving and hating herself for not making up with her mother sooner, Amelia stipulated one condition, that her father paid for her to have flying lessons – he agreed. Recognising a kindred spirit in her motherless sister, Amelia finally let go of her hatred and tried her best to be a good big sister for Juliette, developing a deep and abiding love for her.

Having done well in her GCSE’s at the local grammar school, Amelia got into Welbeck, the RAF run sixth form college, intent on a career in the RAF and spending the rest of her life flying. Her years at the college were some of the happiest of her life. Finally feeling like she fitted in, she made friends and began to feel happier with life, letting go of the misery and fear of the past. With good A Level grades Amelia attended Loughborough University, sponsored by the RAF, gaining a first class degree in Electrical Engineering,

Recent History

On joining the RAF fulltime, Amelia moved into Search and Rescue, making Flight Lieutenant and captain of her own Sea King team, as helicopter pilot for the 202 Squadron, stationed at RAF Valley. Amelia was 27 years old when she was killed, along with one of her team. They were trying to rescue terrified sailors from a sinking trawler in the English Channel, 30 miles off the coast of Portsmouth in the middle of a violent storm. In the official report, she was praised by her superiors, for keeping the bird in the air long enough for most of her team to bail out.

Personality Traits


▪   Fearful

▪   Affectionate

▪   Active

▪   Amiable

▪   Motherly

▪   Cautious

▪   Insecure



Physical Traits


▪   5’8″ tall.

▪   Long, black curly hair

▪   Grey eyes

▪   Slim graceful body


▪  The Wand



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