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William Harper was born on the 31st October 1974. The eldest of two children, his brother, Stephen, was four years younger. As a child Will’s father, a Naval Officer, moved his family a lot because of his work. Will learned to adapt to new environments quickly, fitting in and making new friends with practiced ease. A hardworking student, Will did well in all his subjects at school, especially enjoying art and maths. A talented soccer player and strong swimmer, Will would often represent the schools he attended. However, his passion was art, through his childhood he practiced and honed his drawing and painting skills. Something his parents took pride in until his teens when Will expressed a desire to attend Art College. His father, seeing this as a waste of time and a path destined to leave his son in poverty, forbade him. Not wanting to upset his father, a man he had fearful respect for, Will did as was expected of him taking a degree in Marine Engineering and joined the Navy instead. Thinking that art was something he could always continue in his own time.

There was some sibling rivalry growing up, his brother had a talent for music and used this as an ice-breaker and to make friends, especially during his teens. When he made the choice to attend Music College, Will’s father again stood in opposition. However, Stephen refused to change his mind, standing up to his father and getting what he wanted. Will was impressed with Stephen opposing their father, but also a little jealous and angry with himself for not having the courage to do the same thing.

It was not long after this that Will’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, she took great comfort in the fact that ‘her William’ was going to have such a solid, reliable job and a few days before she succumbed to her illness, made Will promise to do his best to always look after his little brother. Will’s acceptance letter to the Navy arrived the day of his mother’s funeral.

On joining the navy, Will discovered a love of diving and became a naval diver. Brave, cool headed, a natural leader and a hard worker, Will soon distinguished himself, winning several medals of honour in various engagements and worked his way up the Naval ranks quickly. He made Lieutenant Commander by his 35th birthday, becoming an expert in underwater mine detection and removal and was stationed at the training base in Portsmouth.

Recent History

A year before Will died, while out celebrating the release of his first album, Stephen was murdered in a bar brawl, taking a knife to the chest that had been destined for Will. Crippled by grief and survivor guilt, unable to function properly and drinking heavily, Will took extended compassionate leave when it was offered. Desperate for revenge, he hunted down Stephen’s killer, a man the police had never caught. Upon finding the man, Will made him pay for what he had done. This however did nothing to improve Will’s emotional state, but getting his drinking back under control, Will went back to work.

Plagued with guilt, Will was planning on going to the police and confessing what he had done to Stephen’s killer.  Distracted and unfocused Will’s work suffered. The day he died an explosive charge his team were defusing as part of an exercise went off. Will ensured his team evacuated, but became trapped when a large metal pipe dropped across him, pinning him, rupturing his oxygen tank and cracking his diving mask. Will drowned before help could reach him.

Personality Traits


▪   Calm

▪   Centred

▪   Dependable

▪   Determined

▪   Observant

▪   Capable

▪   Insightful

▪   Cautious


Physical Traits


▪   6’4″ tall

▪   Blond hair

▪   Blue eyes

▪   Fit, muscular body


▪   The Chalice


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