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Eleanor Mary Murray was born on 27th February 1994 and raised in Salisbury, Wiltshire. As an only child she commanded a lot of her parent’s attention. A bright, likeable, precocious child, Eleanor enjoyed reading and exploring the world on many trips with her parents. An incident at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris as a young girl left her with a phobia of heights. Privately educated, she was an above average student who lacked the discipline, but not the ability, to be an outstanding student. Taught by her mother, a music teacher, she was a skilled piano player with a great love of music.

Due to her height Eleanor often struggled to be seen as a competent adult by those around her, her sometimes brash, forthright manner, her persistence and her self-belief often caused her problems. Yet she had a strong and faithful heart and while she never counted many people as friends, those she did were firm, dependable friends, to whom Eleanor was unfailingly loyal.

While several of Eleanor’s male acquaintances had approached her with the desire to start a romantic relationship, Eleanor turned down each one, partly because she never felt she was ready, but mostly because she never felt any of the men who seemed interested were seeing her as an equal.

Eleanor’s love of new cultures and foreign lands led her to focus more on geography and earth sciences, for which she developed a keen passion.

Recent History

Aged 19, Eleanor was shot and killed in a jewellery store in Salisbury where she had worked for the last year to save money for university, she had just been accepted to study for a Geology degree at Oxford.

She was hailed as a hero in the local press and mourned by family and friends. 

Personality Traits


▪   Intelligent

▪   Stubborn

▪   Persistent

▪   Loyal

▪   Forgiving

▪   Bluntly Honest

▪   Emotionally Strong

▪   Compassionate


Physical Traits


▪        4’11” tall.

▪        Shoulder length, wavy dark brown hair

▪        Chocolate brown eyes with amber flakes

▪        Slim body


▪        The Diamond


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